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If you are anything like me, and have googled ‘cool yoga classes to do in London’ you will know that it is really hard to actually find anything.

So I thought I would summarise some of the coolest and most fun yoga classes I have found in Londoso far, for those days when you want to take a friend who is visiting you, for someone who hasn’t done yoga before, or just for when you are looking for something a bit different.

Fly London


If you want breathtaking views of crystal clear lakes, crisp snowy mountains or glistening golden sunsets without having to leave London, then ‘Fly’ is the place to go!

Their giant screen, that spans the whole front wall, shows a mirage of stunning images, with part of it moving, like the water or the clouds (that sounds like I’m describing a video but it’s more like a moving still…).

It is probably THE most instagramable studio I’ve ever seen, which is the cherry on top of the already perfect cake.


Their Base Flow class is perfect for beginners, as they build up to some of the core yoga postures whilst making it modern and accessible for all.

Every time I go, I leave ‘Fly’ feeling like I’m walking on a cloud; it is the perfect escape from London, right in the heart of the city.

I also love how the blocks are numbered, and when you arrive at reception you get told which number you are and that dictates which mat you are on. It’s really well organised, and something I haven’t seen before. They use yogi bare mats too, which are hands down my favourite as they are so grippy without being sticky, check them out!

Price: Your first class is £10, which is great value for money in London, but you can also attend if you have ClassPass.

They also have a class called New Grad Flow, which is taught by newly qualified yogis and it’s only £5! I just love this idea, as it gives new teachers (like me) a platform to practice and gain experience.

Location: Bank (ish)


Instagram: @fly_ldn (absolute goals!)

Sky Garden


You MUST go to Sunrise Yoga at the Sky Garden at least once in your life, I have made it a rule.

Seeing London from a giant glass conservatory, full of beautiful green plants, does put life into perspective – it’s pretty amazing. It gives you a stunning intention for your practice, to focus your attention, and start the day off with a heart full of gratitude.

I have been a couple of times, most recently with Hannah (check out her amazing blog full of self love, empowerment and eco warriorness) on a Saturday morning. Aside from nearly missing the class, thinking it started at 8:30am not 8:00am, and the Northern Line having a hissy fit, we made it for the start and had a dreamy time playing amongst the plants and trees.


Now, you could just go for the yoga, but when you can also stay for breakfast after, for not much more money, why wouldn’t you?! My day pretty much revolves around food, and I love that it can be included with my yoga class.

Whilst they have severely reduced the breakfast options offered (it used to be a full buffet, with melon balls!) to one muffin OR two small pastries and a smoothie, I can forgive them, as the muffin was probably the best I’ve ever eaten (I’m not over egging this one), and it is still good value for money.


The yoga is tailored for beginners, and you are packed in like sardines, but there is so much light and energy at the end of the class, you can forgive them. I would recommend bringing friends who are visiting London, as it is a great touristy thing to do, or go for a special occasion (like a Saturday…).

You do have to bring your own mat, otherwise you are practicing on a rock hard floor (which I know as I only bought a travel mat recently, and my knees were bruised for weeks).

You can go every day except Monday, but the weekday ones start at 6:30am, so prepare for an early start. You get a slightly longer lie in if you go at the weekend, 8:00am Saturdays and 8:30am Sundays.

Price: For just yoga, it costs £10, but why not do both breakfast and yoga at the weekends (you would be silly not to) for £17. During the week they only offer sit down breakfast at the Darwin Brasserie plus yoga for £22.

Location: Bank


Instagram: @sg_skygarden

Chroma Yoga


Combining light and colour therapy techniques, ‘Chroma’ is well and truly an alternative and immersive yoga experience. Each class is named after the colour light that shines from the wavy ceiling, and is tailored to match the benefits of that coloured light on your body.

I was so intrigued as to whether I would actually feel the benefits of practicing under different light colours. I have attended the Red class and the Yellow class, and whether or not the colour helped, I left feeling great!

The Yellow class is structured to work with the breath and stimulate energy from lots of twists. It ends with an orange light in the evening to promote good sleep (and I did sleep well after the Yellow class this week).


This edgy studio is situated quite rightly in edgy Shoreditch, next to one of my favourite shops Anatome (they do amazing essential oil blends).

I won’t lie, there wasn’t much of a chance to take photos for insta, so if that’s why you choose this one to try, you may be disappointed. But if you are going for the yoga and the light healing, then I couldn’t recommend it more.

I wouldn’t suggest this as much for beginners, as the classes I have been to were advanced. But the teacher does circulate the room and help to adjust everyone in the room at least once a class, which is really beneficial for your practice.

Price: The drop in prices are £11 for 45/50 minutes, £13 for 60 minutes, £14 for 75 minutes and £16 for 90 minutes, but you can also attend if you have ClassPass.

Location: Shoreditch



Rooftop Yoga (Madison)


During the summer season, Sophie (not me, though I wish it was…) puts on fantastic early morning yoga classes outdoors on the rooftop of Madison bar’, with breathtaking views of St Paul’s Cathedral.

Make sure you check the weather, unlike me, as if it is cloudy, it is quite chilly at 7am. But even with the goosebumps and clouds the class was stunning, so I imagine it’s even better when the sun is shining.

You need to bring your own mat, as again it is on a really hard floor and your knees may hurt if you don’t bing a squidgy one.

I would definitely recommend staying and taking photos for the gram, which Jodi and I did when we attended last week. Madison is a popular spot for photos in the evening, but I would argue it’s even better in the day.

Jodi brought her essential oils with her (as she is a queen and amazing yoga teacher) and it really made the whole class for me, laying outdoors and taking time for myself before a hectic day at work.

Hurry if you want to attend, as they only run for a short period over the summer season (ending 22/08/2018). But I’m sure Sophie will be back next summer (this one has almost ended if the weather is anything to go by) running these awesome classes again.

Price: It only costs £13 for a one hour class, which is definitely worth it!

Location: St Paul’s


Instagram: @sophiesfitnessuk

Yogasphere (Yoga in The Shard)


Don’t bother going to The View from the Shard or paying minimum £15 per drink at the bars; instead, go to a class at Yogasphere’.

On level 24 of this iconic building, you still get all the views you would at the bars (at about the same level as the Sky Garden conservatory). Make sure you get the spot in front of the window, by arriving early, as you get the best views/insta photos.

This class is better for people who have done yoga a couple of times before, as the class was pacy and not tailored for first timers. They have a full schedule daily, as it is a company with studios across London (not just in The Shard) so it isn’t really tailored for tourists, mainly self certified ‘yogis’. Yogasphere’ also offer other classes across London and loads of other events (Yoga In The Gerkin and Yoga Brunch!).

When I went, I had two girls next to me who laughed the entire savasana, which did bring a smile to my face, but distracted others. Not that this is guaranteed every time, but I would say it looked like mostly sightseers in the class I attended.

I would say it’s a bit (a lot) pricey, but definitely worth popping up to a class if you have someone visiting London and you fancy an alternative to drinks at The Shard.

Price: £25 for a drop-in session at The Shard.

Location: London Bridge


Instagram: @yogasphereuk

There are loads of other awesome yoga studios scattered around London, so this list is certainly not exhaustive. I will post about other cool studios, classes and workshops as and when I discover them!

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  1. Loving your website set up and first blog ❤️🕉
    I used to be obsessed with the Shard and that’s the only one I haven’t attended in your write up.. soo guess where I’m not planning on booking myself onto in the next couple of weeks :))) – I’ll message you if you’re around to come along. But I think you’ll be away becoming a YTT Grad 🙊😍❤️🕉🕉🕉

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